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Sports Night 100's Journal

Sports Night 100
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We have all seen wednesday100 (Buffy/Angel), csi100 (CSI) and tww100 (The West Wing). Now, here comes sn100, a drabble community for the fandom of 'Sports Night,' maintained by michellek.


1. Thursday night, a challenge will be posted. You will have two weeks to post a response. Then, the challenge will be closed and a new one will be issued.

2. Each story must be exactly 100 words.

3. Each story must involve 'Sports Night,' natch.

4. If a story is R or above, put it behind a lj cut tag *and* give the reader fair warning in the subject line.

5. Respect others, and they will respect you. If you don't respect others, I will remove you from the group.

6. All pairings and genres allowed.

That's pretty much it. If you have any challenge suggestions, email them my way, or put them in the comments section of the latest challenge.